::: Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 :::

5pm –
Warming up

::: Wednesday, July 6th, 2016 :::

8.30am – 9.15am
Registration and Coffee

9.30am –

9.45am –
Chair: Polina Berezovskaya
Sigrid Beck (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen)
“Semantic Parameters and Universals”

10.45am –
/// Coffee ///

11am –
Chair: Mira Grubic
Diti Bhadra (Rutgers)
“To Flip or Not to Flip: Evidentials in Interrogatives”

11.40am –
Gujing Lin (Tzu Chi University, Hualien)
“Event Integration in Verb Serialization of Tsou”

/// Lunch break ///

2pm –
Chair: Agata Renans
Sarah Duong Phu (Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)
“Classifiers and Discontinuous Noun Phrases in Vietnamese”

2.40pm –
Deniz Özyıldız & Rodica Ivan (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
“Pronouns under the Somali Microscope”

3.20pm –
/// Coffee ///

4pm –
Chair: Anna Howell
Jenneke van der Wal (University of Cambridge)
“Two Reasons to be Suspicious of Surface Form-Meaning Mapping in Focus Constructions”

::: Thursday, July 7th, 2016 :::

9.45am –
Chair: Saskia Brockmann
Chris Davis (University of Ryukyus)
“Evidentials in Okinawan”

10.45am –
/// Coffee ///

11 am
Chair: Anne Mucha
Sumiyo Nishiguchi (Tokyo University of Science)
“Indexical Shifting in Dhaaşanac and Somali”

11.40am –
Rahul Balusu (English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad)
“Free Choice Relatives in Telugu”

12.20am –
/// Lunch break ///

2pm –
Chair: Nadine Bade
Sampson Korsah &  Andrew Murphy (Universität Leipzig)
“Reduplication and Negative Polarity in Ga”

2.40pm –
Kilu von Prince (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
“Indefinite Articles in Daakaka: Specificity and Negative Polarity”

3.20pm –
/// Coffee ///

4pm –
Chair: Konstantin Sachs
Veneeta Dayal (Rutgers)
“(In)Definiteness without Articles”

5pm – 5.30pm
Business meeting

7pm –
Workshop dinner

::: Friday, July 8th, 2016 :::

9.45am –
Chair: Julia Braun
Rodica Ivan & Deniz Özyıldız (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
“The Temporal Presuppositions of Somali Definite Determiners”

10.25 am
/// Coffee ///

10.45am –
Chair: Kilu von Prince
Mira Grubic & Agata Renans (Universität Potsdam)
“Definiteness Marking on VPs/TPs in Ga and Ngamo”

11.25 am
Amanda Swenson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
“Main vs. Non-Main Verb Constructions in Malayalam: Implications for Tense and Aspect”

12.05pm –

Chair: Vera Hohaus
M. Ryan Bochnak (University of Manchester) & Peter Klecha (University of Connecticut)
“Iterated Temporal Remoteness Morphemes and Past Perfect Readings in Luganda”

Anne Mucha & Henry Fominyam (Universität Potsdam)
“(Un-)Restricting Tense in Awing (Grassfields Bantu)”




The venue for this year’s workshop is the lovely Fürstenzimmer at Schloss Hohentübingen (Burgsteige 11, 72070 Tübingen).